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All variations of a key note

EMC offers an outstanding range of services in peptide chemistry.

  • Peptides, polypeptides, cyclopeptides, and combinatorial peptide collections
  • Biotinylated, lipidated, and spin-labelled peptides
  • Fluorophore-labelled peptides, FRET peptides
  • Amino acid scans and sizing of epitopes and hormones
  • Peptide with unusual amino acids, phosphopeptides
  • Peptide substrates and inhibitors of enzymes
  • Immunogenic peptides: allele-specific B-, T-helper-, CTL-epitopes
  • Peptide-protein conjugates (e.g. KLH, BSA)
  • Analysis of peptides by HPLC and HPLC-MS

High quality and rapid delivery

Peptides are delivered in single vials as lyophilized powders.
Alternatively, peptides can also be delivered according to your wishes e.g.

  • in aliquots
  • as peptides pools
  • in microtiter plates

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