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Code Product Unit Quantity Price per unit (Euro)*
Siderophores (ferric or iron-free)
Fe-AERO Aerobactin 1 mg
DES-AERO Desferriaerobactin 1 mg
ARTHRO Arthrobactin 1 mg

DES-ARTHRO Desferriarthrobactin 1 mg
CARB-MYCO-SM Fe-Carboxymycobactins 1 mg
COP Coprogen 1 mg
DES-COP Desferricoprogen 1 mg
FUS Fusigen 1 mg
DES-FUS Desferrifusigen 1 mg
FOX-E Ferrioxamine E 1 mg
DES-FOX-E Desferrioxamine E 1 mg
FOX-G Ferrioxamine G 1 mg
DES-FOX-G Desferrioxamine G 1 mg
Fe-RHODO Fe-Rhodotorulic acid 1 mg
RHODO Rhodotorulic acid (iron-free) 1 mg
FCH Ferrichrome 1 mg
DES-FCH Desferrichrome 1 mg
FCH-A Ferrichrome A 1 mg
DES-FCH-A Desferrichrome A 1 mg
FCHRY Ferrichrysin 1 mg
DES-FCHRY Desferrichrysin 1 mg
FCR Ferricrocin 1 mg
DES-FCR Desferricrocin 1 mg
FRH Ferrirhodin 1 mg
DES-FRH Desferrirhodin 1 mg
FRU Ferrirubin 1 mg
DES-FRU Desferrirubin 1 mg
ORNIB Ornibactin (mixture C4, C6, C8) 1 mg
DES-ORNIB Desferriornibactin (mixture C4, C6, C8) 1 mg
ORNIB-C6 Ornibactin C6 1 mg
DES-ORNIB-C6 Desferriornibactin C6 1 mg
Fe-RHIZO Fe-Rhizoferrin 1 mg
RHIZO Rizoferrin (iron-free) 1 mg
Fe-SCHIZO Fe-Schizokinen 1 mg
SCHIZO Schizokinen (iron-free) 1 mg
TAFC Triacetylfusarinine C 1 mg
DES-TAFC Desferritriacetylfusarinine C 1 mg
Fe-ENB Fe-Enterbactin 1 mg
ENB Enterbactin (iron-free) 1 mg
ENB-TRI DHBS Trimer (iron-free) 1 mg
ENB-DIM DHBS Dimer (iron-free) 1 mg
ENB-MONO DHBS Monomer (iron-free) 1 mg
Fe-SAL-S4 Fe-Salmochelin S4 1 mg
SAL-S4 Salmochelin S4 (iron-free) 1 mg
Fe-YER Fe-Yersiniabactin 1 mg
YER Yersiniabactin (iron-free) 1 mg
Fe-VIB Fe-Vibriobactin 1 mg
VIB Vibriobactin (iron-free) 1 mg
Fe-BAC Fe-Bacillibactin 1 mg
BAC Bacillibactin (iron-free) 1 mg
ALBO Albomycin (ferric form) 1 mg
HPLC Calibration Kits
ENB-MIX HPLC Calibration Kit Enterobactin + degr. products 1 mg
SAL-MIX HPLC Calibration Kit Salmochelin mixture 1 mg
FOX-MIX HPLC Calibration Kit Ferrioxamines 1 mg
FCH-MIX HPLC Calibration Kit Ferrichromes 1 mg
COP-MIX HPLC Calibration Kit Coprogens & Fusarinines 1 mg
Pyoverdines (iron-free) from Pseudomonas strains
PYO-Pfl-13525 Pyoverdine from P. fluorescens ATCC 13525 1 mg
PYO-Pfl-17400 Pyoverdine from P. fluorescens ATCC 17400 1 mg
PYO-Pa-27853 Pyoverdine from P. aeruginosa ATCC 27853 1 mg
PYO-PAO1 Pyoverdine from P. aeruginosa ATCC 15692 1 mg
PYO-WCS358 Pyoverdine from P. putida WCS358 1 mg
PYO-Pp-12633 Pyoverdine from P. putida ATCC 12633 1 mg
PYO-Pt Pyoverdine from P. tolaasii 1 mg
PYO-Pf5 Pyoverdine from P. protegens Pf5 1 mg

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